Using a laser

Opti-Flat grade pins are easy to install using a laser level or string line. The disc on the grade pin is the benchmark for the surface of the concrete.

Poured concrete

The removable grade pins are placed on a base pin that is recessed 1 1/2" below the surface of the wet concrete.

Concrete Truck

Ready-mix truck drivers are able to place the concrete more accurately due to the high visibility of the grade pins.

Poured concrete

Since the removal is effortless, the grade pins can be set as close together or as far apart as the placing crew feels comfortable.

Grab and toss

Removal is even easier than installtion. Just grab and toss!


Having concrete that is initially placed flatter allows screeding to be done with one worker instead of three.

Opti-mize your productivity, use Opti-Flat removable grade pins!

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